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Our Services

Below you will find an overview of some of our most popular services. If you have any questions please call us at 781-341-3000

       TUNE UP


A tune up will increase gas mileage and help your engine perform to its fullest. Tune-ups are the MOST effective way to keep your car running smoothly.


Certain parts get worn out over time and should be replaced for maximum engine performance.Tune-ups generally consist of replacing worn ignition parts such as spark plugs and wires and also changing dirty filters such as the air and fuel filter.


To get the most out of your vehicle, have your car checked annually for a tune-up. 


Oil is the lifeline of your car. It helps control friction and heat build-up inside your engine. Oil Services are much more involved than just an oil and filter change.


At B&D Automotive we will take the time to look at the condition of your belts and hoses, check your tires for proper inflation and tread wear, top off other fluids in your car and we visually inspect the underside of your car for problems that may arise in the future.


Your car is more than transportation, it's an investment and should be treated as such.


If your brakes squeak, or if you hear a grinding noise, it's time to have them checked.


Brakes should be checked at least once a year to ensure the safety of your vehicle and its stopping ability. ​​



Electrical problems that are not taken care of properly could turn into bigger, more expensive problems.


At B&D Automotive, we use the latest equipment to diagnose and pin point the issue. We also use the latest software with wiring diagrams to aid in the repair, allowing us to fix your electrical problem in a timely manner.

Don't let a small electrical issue turn into a roadside breakdown! Have it checked out before it costs you more time and money!

       A/C SERVICE

No one enjoys the sweltering heat that comes with Summer. Whether you take your car for a short ride to the store or a long ride on vacation, make sure your A/C is working to its potential! AT B&D Automotive, we take the time to visually inspect your air conditioning system for possible problems.

When we recharge your system, we add sealer and dye to your Freon to help aid in detecting potential future problems that may arise.


We run special promotions through the summer months so make sure to check our specials page or call to be added to our e-mail list.


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